“It’s My Pleasure” – Book Giveaway!


Do you love a book that serves up the heart and smarts together? Looking for a book that will inspire you, motivate you and want you to recognize other’s God-given gifts, build great teams and create a vibrant and nourishing environment…at home and at work? Do you love Chick-Fil-A restaurants and the unmatched customer care you receive there? Then you will LOVE “It’s My Pleasure ~ The Impact of Extraordinary Talent and a Compelling Culture” by Dee Ann Turner.  Dee Ann is the Vice President of Corporate Talent at Chick-Fil-A, where she has worked for over thirty years. 

I am honored to call Dee Ann Turner a friend. We have served the Lord together as members of a board of directors, and though we live states apart (she is a Georgia girl, and I am a Pennsylvania girl) we often muse about one day being next door neighbors. What fun it would be sitting on my front porch sipping Chick-Fil-A lemonade with her while chatting the hours away. Dee Ann has an amazing depth of love in her heart for people, and she is humbly brilliant. And now as an author she packs her gentleness, wisdom, tenderness and strength together in this one book!


“Businesses are built by growing relationships with customers. Culture is created by the stories those relationships tell. Two of the most important differentiators of a business are its talent and its culture. Talent energized by a compelling culture will drive organizational success and provide innovative growth opportunities for both the business and the individual. Based on her more than thirty years at Chick-fil-A, most of which have been spent as Vice President, Corporate Talent, Dee Ann Turner shares how Chick-fil-A has built a devoted talent and fan base that spans generations. It’s My Pleasure tells powerful stories and provides practical applications on how to develop extraordinary talent able to build and/or stimulate a company’s culture.”

We are giving away a copy of Dee Ann’s book this week — just in time for Christmas! Leave a simple comment here or just “like” my post on social media, and you will be entered!! I will announce the winner on Christmas Eve.

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It’s my pleasure to wish you a Merry Christmas! May it be filled with serendipitous blessings!


SerenDIPity – Gathering Friends Together

dip in

SerenDIPity is a hospitality idea ~ a unique dip party, a gathering for fellowship, food and friendship.

My husband, Jim, and I love to gather friends together for fellowship, to nourish existing friendships, to introduce special friends from different circles to each other, and for new friendships to begin. That is my heart ~ gathering and growing together. I am so thankful for the beautiful instruments of His grace in my life whom I call friends.

When I shared the idea of the SerenDIPity dip party with Jim, he was enthusiastic and excitedly said “Let’s do it!” As Jim and I prayed for God’s blessing, presence and favor over this idea called “SerenDIPity”, God answered our prayers beyond imagination. At each SerenDIPity, our joy is hearing the laughter of our friends and feeling the warmth of sweet fellowship. Our hearts are filled having so much love under our roof and in our home. We are so very thankful to the Lord. “We love because He first loved us.” John 4:19

One of the greatest pleasures of my heart is to gather family and friends together. Whether for a celebration, a Bible study or simply for fellowship, I love to gather together with loved ones. Whether a dollop or a dousing, the sweet fellowship enveloped in gathering together in friendship satisfies a sweet spot in our God-breathed souls.

Open your heart in hospitality! Satisfy the sweet spot! Host a SerenDIPity party!

what is

Book Dedication – Release Day!



With deep gratitude to the Lord for each and every good gift He has given, this book is dedicated with big love to the family and friends with whom God has blessed our family ~

“A great group of people!”

This great group of people has made SerenDIPity dip parties so special.

One of the most meaningful compliments Jim and I received after a SerenDIPity party was from our friends Rich and Lisa who said the celebration was the gathering of “a great group of people”. God has chosen for us and blessed us with loving family and amazing friends. For each unique one, we are forever thankful. We are humbled by His goodness to us.

And so this book is humbly and enthusiastically dedicated to the instruments by which God reveals to us His beauty ~ our family and friends ~ a great group of people who have graced us with their presence in our hearts and home.

You have made an indelible impression in our lives. You have doused us with love, and our hearts are dripping with thanks. You have splashed us with encouragement over and over, at just the right times. YOU, your creativity, your talents, your enthusiasm and your love have made SerenDIPity what it has become. You are loved. SerenDIPity is dedicated to you.

“Lord, You establish peace for us; all that we have accomplished You have done for us.
O Lord, our God…Your name alone do we honor.” ~ Isaiah 26:12-13

Through this whimsical but sincere offering called “SerenDIPity”, my heart’s prayer is that God’s Word and His Name will be exalted above all else and in all things. The Lord serendipitously inspired me with the idea for SerenDIPity. My desire is to honor Him and bring glory to His name. Anything I have accomplished, He has accomplished through me.

May His serendipitous blessings and pleasant surprises be yours in abundance!

Dip in and enjoy!